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    • chicken house cooling machine--chicken house cooling padchicken house cooling machine--chicken h
      Chicken house cooling pad
      Large evaporation area, cooling efficiency as high as 80%. The product involves surface active agent, absorbing water naturally, pervading fast and lasting effectively.
      A piece of water can diffuse in 4-5 seconds.

    • chicken house cooling machine--cooling fanchicken house cooling machine--cooling f
      Chicken housed cooling fan
      1.Frame: frames are made of galvanized board, thickness 1.0mm, galvanizing layer 180g/square meter.
      2 .Blade: 6 pieces, material 430/201/304 stainless steel, mirror face
      3.Impeller, casting aluminum alloy impeller.

    • chicken manure cleaning machinechicken manure cleaning machine
      Chicken manure cleaning machine
      chicken house cleaning machine poultry farm cleaning machine floor type cleaning machine
      1.poultry manure scraper machine
      2.special chains,corrosion resistant

    • chicken debeaking machinechicken debeaking machine
      Chickendebeaking machine/ chicken cutting mouth machine Color :Black Product Size(CM) :16*18*15.5 Usage :Chicken debeaking machine Application :Poultry farming equipment

    • poultry fecal leakage boardpoultry fecal leakage board
      poultry fecal leakage board/chicken plastic slat floor using plastic slat advantage 1.No burr on the poultry slat floor, can protect the birds’ paws and leg better than traditional bamboo floor. 2.there is adjusting structure in the supporting leg to ensure the same level of plastic slat in the uneven ground. 3.Beam is made of reinforced and anti-aging PVC material sturdy and durable, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. 4.Adjustable leg height range:400~500mm(according to customer’s requirement). 5.the support legs are made of steady and anti-corrosive pvc,which can support the slat freely.

    • pig nipple drinkerpig nipple drinker
      Pig nipple drinker G-1/2" thread (European pipe thread) or NPT-1/2" (Amercian pipe thread) is favorable complete brass body is produced by diameter 21mm rod. with diameter 8mm pin(stainless steel pin or brass pin). adjustable plastic filter with stainless steel neting. adjustable plastic filter is easy to change high pressure water systems and low pressure water systems. NBR 90 O-ring is permanent and protect leaking individual packing or bulk packing is favorable. stamping or laser printing logo is favorable.

    • pig feed water bowlpig feed water bowl
      Our product advantages:   1,easy for drink and save water   2,easy for install   3,made of stainless steel so that ensure a long life time 1,easy for drink and save water
      2,easy for install
      3,made of stainless steel so that ensure a long life time

    • piglet water bowlpiglet water bowl
      piglet water bowl Material : cast iron Size : big one diameter : 14.5cm ,small one diameter : 13.5 stainless steel connnection , connect with 20mm pipe.

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